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Grist House Craft Brewery releases a strawberry guava hard seltzer

click to enlarge Grist House Craft Brewery releases a strawberry guava hard seltzer
CP photo: Maggie Weaver
Can of Grist House's Strawberry + Guava hard seltzer
Hard seltzers may have been the drink of summer 2019, but it’s clear the trend isn’t going anywhere. A fad that started with White Claw has now made its way to big-name and craft breweries. And Grist House Craft Brewery in Millvale is one of the latest, local spots to get in the seltzer game.

On March 27, Grist House released the first can in their Seltza Drip series, a tangerine and blackberry hard seltzer. It was the brewery’s first hard seltzer and produced through a similar process to their fruited sours. The results were a seltzer with a thicker mouthfeel and real fruit flavor.

Last week, they released the series’ third can: strawberry guava.

Unlike popular brands of hard seltzer, there was no malty, alcoholic aftertaste that lingered once the strawberry-guava fruity essence disappeared. The brew tasted like the actual fruits – both strawberry and guava purees were used in the brewing process – almost as if the brewery had taken juice and added a bit of carbonation. (With the heavier mouthfeel, the zing from carbonation did not come through as strong as the major brands of seltzer, but the striking flavors easily made up for the lack of bubbles.)

I was wary of the fruit combination, but strawberry and guava made a great pair. At the front of each sip, the sweetness of berries hit, quickly followed by a pleasant tartness from the guava. The flavors were strikingly well-balanced; no sip leaned too sugary or sour. It was refreshing and light, perfect for the summer heat. And at 5% ABV, enough to get you a little tipsy on a hot day.

My only complaint was that the pint-sized can got a bit too juice-heavy for me by the time I reached the end. But otherwise, the seltzer was top-notch. I’d pick it over a White Claw any day.

Seltza Drip: Strawberry + Guava is currently available for purchase through Grist House’s website. The brewery is taking online orders for pickup at both of their locations, and delivery is available within a five-mile radius of the Millvale brewery.