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Green Lantern

A buff hero, freaky-headed villains and lots of green light equal silly summer entertainment

A cocky Earth pilot (Ryan Reynolds) is bequeathed a ring by a dying alien that makes him a member of an intergalactic fighting squadron. Just in time to fight a really mean dark cloud that's swallowing up the universe. Martin Campbell's adaptation of the DC Comics series is reminiscent of … well, reading a comic book. I mean that in both bad and good ways. Bad: There's about 25 cents worth of story, one-dimensional characters and no suspense. Good: It's silly but entertaining; the characters are "drawn well," with neat-o costumes and believably distorted heads; and, despite the hint of Part Two, it's all over fairly quickly. Current cinematic technology also helps: It's hard to imagine what Green Lantern's "weapons" -- fantastic shapes made of green light, conjured by will power -- would look like without CGI effects. Reynolds, apparently, looks that good in Spandex anytime. In 3-D in select theaters.

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