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Greece: Secrets of the Past

IMAX is your ticket to history

A movie about ancient Greece might seem like a snoozefest, but IMAX transforms this history lesson into a captivating visual experience. Directed by Academy Award-nominee Greg MacGillivray and narrated by Nia Vardalos (of My Big Fat Greek Wedding), the film follows archeologist Christos Dumas in his quest to uncover his culture's past. A combination of computer graphics and striking photography highlights Greece's monuments and transports viewers back in time. Digital waves of ash and lava swallow you in the recreated volcanic eruption that destroyed Santorini 3,600 years ago, while dizzyingly gorgeous views of the island's white hillside towns show its modern allure. The breathtaking reconstruction of the Parthenon brings life and color to the crumbling monument, and the digital golden statue of Athena towers above you. The film packs in the history and archeology, but it's the stunning images that leave you wanting more. Rangos Omnimax, Carnegie Science Center, North Side