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Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council gets creative with engaging N'art campaign

click to enlarge Three women converse in front of artwork at the Three Rivers Arts Festival.
CP Photo: Kaycee Orwig
Three Rivers Arts Festival
Pittsburgh offers a myriad of opportunities to experience local arts and culture. For some, finding those opportunities might call for scrolling through Facebook events or searching several different websites.

To help with that search, the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council is launching N’art, a new campaign to “promote the volume and diversity of Pittsburgh’s arts and culture community,” according to a press release. Not only that, the campaign will reward those who join in raising awareness of everything the city has to offer.

N’art, the name of which is inspired by the Pittsburgh colloquialism "n'at," will boost more than 50 local arts organizations throughout the summer and fall months with paid advertising, as well as events and influencer partnerships. The Arts Council says that all advertisements are provided to the organizations at no cost.

The N'art campaign will support all types of art and entertainment throughout Pittsburgh, including museums, galleries, dance, comedy, music, and more.

The Arts Council will also give out free N’art stickers at various community and arts events throughout the city in August and September. Anyone who slaps the sticker on their water bottle, car bumper, laptop, or another item could win free tickets and passes to local arts events if spotted by a member of the Arts Council.

“The pandemic has disproportionately affected the arts industry nationwide and Pittsburgh’s artistic community is in need of a spotlight,” says Mitch Swain, CEO of the Arts Council. “Luckily, when Pittsburghers are challenged, we come together as a community and roll up our sleeves to face issues head on.”

Swain describes the campaign as a “fun, uniquely Pittsburgh way to spotlight the venues, performers and people who make our world-class arts community shine, and we hope Pittsburghers are willing to explore with us.”

The N’art campaign also includes the unveiling of Pittsburgh’s Neighborhood Arts Maps, a collection of four different maps designed to highlight more than 145 Pittsburgh-area venues and arts organizations across the city. The maps can be picked up at events hosted by the Arts Council or found online at

“Pittsburghers are already proud of their city and we want to provide a way to show that same pride in our arts community,” says Kristen Wishon, senior director of external affairs at the Arts Council. “Our hope is to see folks using the arts maps to add an arts adventure to their weekend or date night.”

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