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God Help the Girl

A low-key charmer of a musical dramedy that's like a Belle and Sebastian song come to life

Stuart Murdoch, of the Scottish band Belle and Sebastian, writes and directs this indie coming-of-age musical-dramedy, which is right in his wheelhouse: Three sensitive, musically gifted, vintage-clothes-wearing youth meet and flit around Glasgow one summer, sort of being a band while inching forward in life somewhat bittersweetly. Yes, it's quite a bit like a B&S tune come to life, so fans of the band will likely be enraptured regardless. But, on its own, God is a low-key, winsome film, both sunny and faintly sad; it has a keen sense of how fleeting and fairly miraculous it is when friends, fun and meaningful times all converge in a divine, if minor-key, harmony.

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