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Getz Drunkz on Sheetz Brewberry Muffinz

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Brewberry Muffinz, Sheetz's new beer

Sheetz beer is back. The convenience store is releasing its second brew, Project Brewberry Muffinz, this afternoon at 4 p.m.

Earlier this year, Sheetz dropped its first beer, Project Coffee Hopz. Brewed in collaboration with Mifflinburg-based Rusty Rail Brewing Company, the coffee-studded IPA was launched in May for a limited time. The beer was created with real coffee beans from Sheetz Brothers. 

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Project Coffee Hopz

Project Brewberry Muffinz, similar to its predecessor, is infused with actual Sheetz (aka “Shweetz”) blueberry muffins. In a press release, Evil Genius co-founder Trevor Hayward notes that the blueberry blonde ale will give off a distinct berry aroma and taste good enough to make drinkers run to Sheetz for the real version. 

The release is also celebratory. It falls on the anniversary of Pennsylvania’s Act 39, a 2016 bill that drastically changed the state’s alcohol sales. This law expanded liquor laws, allowing non-direct distributors, like Sheetz, to sell takeaway alcohol. Now, the gas station convenience store sells beer and wine at over 160 locations.

Seven Pittsburgh Sheetz stores will stock Project Brewberry Muffinz. (A full list of participating stores can be found here.) The brew will be sold in four packs of 16-ounce cans for a very limited time. After its release on Thu., Aug. 29 to 99 Sheetz locations statewide, the convenience store will not re-brew. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. 

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