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Get slippy with free lube from Pa.’s Department of Health

The Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Division of HIV invites Pennsylvanians to get slippy with free personal lubricants.

The Division of HIV usually focuses resources, like educational presentations, condoms, dental dams, and referrals to medical providers, on people at high risk for HIV/STD infection and people living with HIV. During the pandemic, however, the department was not distributing its supply of personal lubricants at the rate it anticipated, so it is offering free non-oil based lubricants to a broader population.

“We would rather have the ability to use the supplies to promote safer sexual behavior to everyone rather than have them expired unused,” says DOH deputy press secretary Maggi Barton.

According to the CDC, non-oil based lubricants can help reduce the risk of spreading HIV and other STDs because they reduce the risk of the condom slipping or breaking. Oil-based lubricants can cause latex condoms to lose strength and break, sometimes in as little as 60 seconds, creating a risk for exposure to HIV and other STDs.

There is a limited quantity of personal lubricants, and the products are set to expire in October 2021. For those who are interested, contact Michelle Rossi,, with the name of the contact person, phone number, shipping address, and requested number of personal lubricant packets.

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