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Get into the Pride Month spirit with these five LGBTQ films

Some are streaming, some are not, but all are worth watching any time of year. It’s Pride Month, however, so here’s a list of them right now.

Tangerine (Hulu)

This Christmas dramedy, shot on an iPhone, follows a trans sex worker (Mya Taylor) who just got out of prison as she hunts down her boyfriend, who cheated on her with a cis woman. It’s a dark way to spend the holiday, but the movie also has a scrappy sense of hope.

Carol (Netflix)

Therese (Cate Blanchett), an elegant married woman, meets Carol (Rooney Mara), a quiet but ambitious shop clerk, the two form a fast friendship and eventually a passionate relationship. Manhattan was not an easy backdrop for lesbians in the ’50s, but the movie stays away from the usual tragedy of the genre.


When a teenage girl gets pregnant, she goes to her Grandma Elle (Lily Tomlin) for abortion funds. But Elle, a lesbian poet grieving the loss of her long-term partner, is broke. The two spend a time driving around trying to collect money from friends, neighbors, and enemies.

Paris is Burning (Netflix)

The seminal 1990 documentary chronicles the lives of a group of drag queens involved in New York’s Ball Culture. In addition to the mesmerizing fashion, dance, and walks, the movie also explores sexuality, gender, class, race, and other intersecting issues.


Almost immediately after getting diagnosed with terminal cancer, Hal (Christopher Plummer) comes out to his son Oliver (Ewan McGregor). Together, the two grapple with Hal’s newfound home in the queer community, just as his life comes to an end.

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