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Get high on our supply of insightful marijuana content

CP illustration: Ellissa Nicholle Schatz

People in Pittsburgh are turning to weed as a healer, not just an intoxicant.

More and more local patients have begun taking medical marijuana since dispensaries first opened here last year, with new medical conditions added to the list of treatments since becoming legalized in 2016. For this week’s Marijuana Issue, we talked to a patient who benefited from the state program's expansion and now uses the medication to treat her chronic pain. And, we’re taking a look at which conditions still need to be added.

While recreational marijuana is still not legal in the state, do Pennsylvanians think it should be? We checked in with Lt. Gov. John Fetterman from the road on his statewide listening tour to find out what people are thinking.

We’re also featuring a wide range of businesses focusing on marijuana and its legal little cousins. From local fashion made of hemp to where to buy a chocolate CBD-infused candy bar; from a mobile vape van to cannabis lube, there’s a little something for everyone.

As Lt. Gov. John Fetterman writes in his op-ed, "You can’t tell how people feel about marijuana by how they look, talk, or dress.” Unless, maybe, they shop at Spencer's.

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