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    Gallogarden on 04/17/2018 at 5:30 AM
    The permit holders are unfortunately beginning to feel the awesome power of PA's hospitals and their lobbyists. They destroy any who create roadblocks that get in the way of their attaining unlimited profit. They receive the complete support of our Legislature who have been courted, dined, vacationed, entertained, and wooed by the hospitals' incredibly generous lobbyists and therefore our "non profits" have carte blanche to behave however they like while operating in our state.
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    Gallogarden on 04/17/2018 at 4:57 AM
    There are varying opinions about the extent to which previous opioid use contributes to Heroin addiction. Rather than pulling further sources to reference in this post, I would like to posit that something else is going on today with the medical care we are allowed to receive. Currently, there are very aggressive restrictions approved by our political representatives, (who have little to no medical knowledge, nor, it appears, any intimate experience with pain) and then pursued almost maniacally by the FDA and their enforcement agents. I believe it is time to examine how much government interference is contributing to the problems we are attempting to solve, by once again resorting to stringent restrictions.
    When hospital employed surgeons are reluctant to send home new surgical post-op patients, even after major surgery, with enough pain medication to keep them comfortable until a family or referring doctor can see them for additional medicines, it is beyond frustrating; I contend that is abuse.
    If the public were aware of the strength of drugs they had been needing to stay comfortable while in the hospital, versus what they were being sent home with, there would very possibly be more families contacting a malpractice attorney. Today someone can go home after back or heart surgery days after the procedure. That is not enough time to determine if the patient can tolerate being off intravenous pain medication, much less discover if the pain is even relieved with oral opioids, (the most common being Oxycontin). No wonder today's families, especially those who have grown up anytime during or after the 60's, will turn to contacts who can obtain street drugs for them!

    It is especially sad to have witnessed the encroachment of inadequate pain management in other areas of medical care as well, but most apparent in hospital-owned practices. Today's hospitals are in the profit making business and are especially sensitive to any fines or restrictions they might incur if found to be "non-compliant" with FDA regulations. They tend to be overly controlling with their "staff" physicians, and it is increasingly apparent hospitals are unwilling to defend or stand up for their staff if government agents question any. Their control extends to how they allow their Hospice teams provide in-home meds to dying patients. About 3 months ago a Hospice patient was discharged from a local hospital and referred to their own Hospice care unit for home care. Despite repeated phone calls, no one ordered pain medication, visited the patient to check for the necessity of in-home assistance nor was an effort made to set up a visit for almost 3 weeks.
    Yes, I am glad we are finally allowing some forms of cannabis to be used medically in PA. How many years has it taken to roll back that draconian piece of misguided legislation? How many more years will it take for our representatives to allow those in the fields of medicine, science, psychology, chemistry etc. to study pain and all the drugs available to discover which are most effective and at what doses can they be administered? Who are we protecting by keeping certain drugs banned from even being studied? It definitely has NOT kept those compounds off the street. It is time for us to get our heads out of the sand and push our representatives to do the same.
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    Gallogarden on 04/16/2018 at 9:28 PM
    Re: “Eat Me: The Mantis
    Ms Roberts, hate to have to ask the obvious, but since you didn't go into any detail...would I be eating praying mantis in this taco, or is it the standard fare? Or were you simply writing a review to introduce the vegetarian jackfruit option? BTW the jackfruit sounds like an amazing option, I'll be trying that immediately!
    Thanks for the clarification.

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