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Gainey administration cuts ties with ONE PGH

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CP Photo: Jared Wickerham
Ed Gainey
Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey's administration has cut ties with the ONE PGH fund, a city-led initiative for channeling funding from the region's numerous nonprofit organizations.

The program was introduced last year by Gainey's predecessor, Bill Peduto, and was billed as a way to encourage cross-sector collaboration around the city’s greatest needs. Peduto initially claimed it would generate $115 million for the city over several years.

Gainey was initially non-committal about the venture before announcing his plans to part ways today.

“It has become clear that our priorities were headed in a different direction,” said  Felicity Williams, Gainey's deputy chief of staff. “And I am resigning my seat on the ONE PGH Fund board of directors.”

According to a press release announcing the move, city staffers will continue to work on projects that were already approved by ONE PGH, including $69,000 in combined pledges to Allegheny Goatscape and Landforce for landscaping, trail maintenance, and forestry work on the Hazlewood Greenway.