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Gab Bonesso gets mansplained at Best Buy, twice

Gab Bonesso gets mansplained at Best Buy, twice

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Recently, I decided to invest a little money in some film equipment. Step one was to buy a decent tripod. After researching prices, it appeared Best Buy would be the “best buy” for me.

Unfortunately, I was mansplained there two weeks in a row. What’s that old saying? Mansplain me once, shame on you. Mansplain me twice, shop online. I think that’s how it goes. 

I entered the store and was immediately greeted by a young man who asked what I was buying. I explained that I needed a tripod for my iPhone. He escorted me to the tripod section and informed me that they don’t make tripods for iPhones. He explained that I would need to buy an adapter for the tripod. He went searching for an adapter, returning 45 minutes later laughing and repeated, “Yeah …  they don’t make tripods for iPhones.”

Noted. I bought the tripod with the adapter and skedaddled.

I got home, opened the tripod and lo and behold ... it was a tripod for an iPhone. It already had the attachment connected. I began to inspect the box which indicated it was a tripod for iPhones. Umm … 

Not only was I actually right, I was mocked then encouraged to spend more money. Not cool, man.

Hence, my second visit to Best Buy. I needed to make a return. The only woman working in the entire store happened to be working returns. I told her my story about the know-it-all boy and she laughed with me in a “sisterhood is global” kind of way. 

As I was leaving, I noticed that they sold Apple Watch bands. I really needed a new one and was right there. 

I started to peruse the bands, and a different male employee approached me. He asked about the model of my watch. I explained it was a gift and I wasn’t sure. He laughed, looked at it and told me which model it was.

I chose a band in the size that he recommended. After I paid, I started putting the new band on my watch while I was still in the store. Guess what? It was the wrong size. Then he tried to convince me to buy the band even though it looked insane. 

Two returns in the same day. Bravo, men of Best Buy.

I finally figured out the model of my watch and choose a proper band. At this point the same guy tried to discourage me from purchasing that specific brand. He said, “That’s not just Apple, it’s also Nike. Not sure you want to be supporting that company right now.”

I loudly sighed, shook my head, handed him the band and in my most dismissive voice I said, “Just do it.”

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