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Gab Around 'Tahn

Which Pittsburgh celebrity would you like to be snowed in with?

Scott, Oakland
Mac Miller. Definitely Mac Miller. I just heard a lot of really good things about him as a person, and people I know who knew him said he was just, like, a really good guy.

John, East Liberty
Randy Baumann from the WDVE Morning Show. Because he's a really funny guy, and the stories he has about people around the city would last for hours.

Teresa, South Oakland
The ghost of Mr. Rogers. He'd be a ghostly spirit in his heavenly form, and he's Mr. Rogers.

John, Bellevue
It would have to be a cross between Rick Sebak and you ... Rick for the stories that he can tell me, and you for the same reason except the stories would be WAY different.

Guys ... in no way do I think I'm a local celebrity, but it's nice to be thought of one for a fictional, claustrophobic situation. As for me, I'd choose my third cousin Kevin Sousa. Cook up some grub, fam!

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