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Furious 7

The street-racing franchises goes spy-action global, and bids farewell to its star

It's everything a Fast and Furious fan could want: seriously souped-up cars (used for driving and as unconventional weapons); a nervy mountain chase scene (plus a couple of over-the-top, beyond-physics car stunts); the old gang back together (Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Michelle Rodriguez); a new hard-ass villain (Jason Statham); Hollywood's most ethnically diverse cast (yay); some random T&A (sigh); and a seriously nutso spy-type plot that is supported less by any logic than by frequently asserted affirmations that family matters. James Wan's Furious 7 is fast-paced ridiculousness on steriods, but the film knows it and is totally OK with it. (It's a refreshing break from the fan-boy "seriousness" of equally ridiculous comic-book franchise films.) And somehow, in the bonkers world of F&F, F7 concludes with a surprisingly moving, and quite organic, eulogy to the film's star, Walker, who died last year. Bring popcorn to munch, and a grease rag for the tears.

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