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Being an elder statesman of slack, I could dig what Andrew Bujalski was aiming for in his ultra-droll, nearly plotless study of some post-college free-floaters, though I'm not sure that capturing such ennui in realistic terms amounts to productive entertainment. We bumble along with Marnie (Kate Dollenmayer), a wistful underachieving sort who likes a guy called Alex and finds a new pal (Bujalski) on a temp job. The ultra-low-budget film's production values can be frustrating -- poor lighting, muddled sound and little editing to clarify social intercourse. Bujalski aims for "real" and I'd wager he nailed it -- from the awkwardness of adult life to last year's ironic T-shirts. Thus your enjoyment of this film may hinge on how much humor and insight you can parse out of wildly inarticulate twentysomethings and what amounts to the emo version of Waiting for Godot. (AH)

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