FUN WITH DICK AND JANE | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper
Director Dean Parisot's remake has each of its hearts in the right place, but at least one too many of them. With their Beamer and suburban dream house, Dick (Jim Carrey) and Jane (Tea Leoni) seem poised for a satire on conspicuous consumption, an impression that's only deepened after Dick's employer Enrons out and the couple, plunged into debt, turns to armed robbery. But rather than explore that storyline, the film next targets corporate malfeasance, becoming a Capra-esque tale of comic redemption complete with improbable happy ending. Each scenario yields its laughs, with flashes of sly social commentary (set against the backdrop of the 2000 presidential campaign) and Carrey inevitably ginning up some funny bits. Yet despite amusing support from Alec Baldwin and Richard Jenkins, the film ultimately asks too much of its first half's theme and too little of its second's. (BO)

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