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Everything some people love (and others dislike) about animated Disney films


This film hits many of the things I dislike about animated Disney tales. It is: not remotely close to the source material (Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen"); full of Broadway-type songs; and populated by characters created to move merchandise. And it undermines any "strong female" narrative by drawing these women to look like sexualized freaks (tiny waists, strapless tops and saucer eyes that take up half the head).

Other folks either like or don't mind this, and thus will enjoy this wintry tale directed by Christopher Buck and Jennifer Lee. One Norwegian sister (voice of Kristen Bell) has to save the other from the disco-inspired ice palace she's entombed herself in; for helpers, the rescuing lass has a sturdy young woodsman, his trusty reindeer and a goofy snowman (voiced by Josh Gad). (Even I chuckled when the snowman blurted out apropos of nothing: "I have no skull.") The animation is top-notch, with the snow and ice deserving special commendation. Disney's depiction of women, though, still seems to be a work in progress.

Arrive on time: The pre-film short, "Get a Horse," is a clever meta commentary on the evolving nature of Disney animation, from black-and-white Mickey to eye-popping 3-D. In 3-D, in select theaters

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