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From Life on the Road; Ringling Style


Down Mexico Way -- Fri., Aug. 15, 2008


So Mexico. Reynosa, Mexico.

Fair warning that this post ain't all sunshine and butterflies. Just sayin'. ...

Crossing over was no problem whatsoever. No customs, no checkpoints, nothing. I guess if you're coming into Mexico to spend $$ then they are happy to have you. ...

Upon exiting the hotel we walked up a bit to hail a cab to take us to our destination. On the way, the one dude wanted to stop in one of the Mexican "pharmacies." Now granted, it is a real pharmacy, you just don't need a prescription for anything ... at all. Everything is available for cheap: Valium, Percocet, Oxycodone ... anything. He got some "toothpain medicine" for his "toothache". My teeth were feeling just fine thank you very much. Nothing's illegal in Mexico. Well ... except maybe spitting. If you spit on the ground and the cops or military see it, you'll probably get arrested.

Anyhoo, we hailed to cabs and set off into the night. There are no traffic laws in Mexico. It's just drive and swerve through the narrow dirt roads winding through the city. Our translator was in the other car and the 4 years of Spanish I took in high school had completely escaped me. We waved the other cab next to us and they explained where we were off to (I had no idea where we were really going except for the name: Boy's Town).

This place made the neighborhood where our hotel was look like Sewickley. There was one bumpy dirt road that eventually turned right and looped back around. The basic layout was a couple of square blocks. The crumbling buildings on either side were continuous one-story structures partitioned into rooms with a couple of bars in line here and there. The smell had intensified quite a bit. Outside any of the open doors was a girl dressed like it was Halloween in the South Side. All in all within the compounds I'd estimate there were 100-150 rooms? It started to sink in where we were. The business transactions were simple. $10 for 20 minutes. Welcome to Boy's Town.

The odd thing is that the complex is run and regulated by the government and run by the police so it's one of the "safer" places to be ... as long as you don't walk around flashing cash like a dumbass in front of cops. Another game they like to play in Mexico is to find a larger group of Americans and arrest everyone but a couple people in the group and throw them in jail. The other two have to hit up the ATM to pay "bail" to spring their friends. No charges. No questions. Just $$$. The really sad part is that a lot of the girls had been sold by their parents to this place when they were just kids. A different world indeed.

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