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Alec Baldwin in Framing John Delorean
Alec Baldwin in Framing John Delorean

Framing John DeLorean

Most people probably don't know that much about John DeLorean beyond the car that bears his name, but there's a lot there: bankruptcy, cocaine, celebrity friendships, lots of law suits, and great eyebrows. As someone puts it in the new documentary Framing John DeLorean, "[He] was the leading man Hollywood producers dream of, and he was real." The film tells DeLorean's story through archival footage, talking-head interviews, and re-enactments featuring Alec Baldwin in the title role. Learn about the man behind one of the most absurd designs in American automobile history when Framing John DeLorean comes to Harris Theater.

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  • Harris Theater

    809 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh Downtown


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