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Four unexpectedly entertaining competitions to watch right now

Professional sports may or may not be happening. You've binged all your favorite shows. Books are blah. It's too hot to go outside. What is there to do? Here are four weirdly satisfying competition and compilation shows to watch that I currently can't get enough of.

Jelle's Marble Runs on YouTube
Never would I ever have thought I would develop an interest in marbles as an adult, but here we are! At the start of the pandemic, my fiance introduced me to competitive marble racing. This evoked a scoff from me but, low and behold, we were immediately sucked into the video competition.

Run by brothers Dion and Jelle Bakker, the YouTube channel features multiple leagues and seasons of marbles racing through courses made of sand, Legos, and more. Like any race, there is an announcer with commentary, stats provided, and sometimes even stands of marble fans.

To make watching a little more interesting, each round we picked a potential winner and bet shots on the outcome. But even without alcohol, Marble Runs is wholly entertaining.

Alone on History Channel
Alone first aired in 2015, but it wasn't until quarantine that it caught my attention (again, thanks to my fiance). The show is a simple but intense survival show where participants are left in aggressive terrains, alone. The goal is to survive 100 days, but every season, it has come down to who lasts the longest. The prize is $1 million.

You watch as they starve and go slightly crazy, and learn useful outdoor tips and tricks along the way. While I love seeing who will come out on top, it's equally satisfying watching people have to call for help very early on for an unexpected reason. Like when this older man found a shovel on day two, was so ecstatic (and most not have been watching his step), then immediately fell and broke his knee and had to go home.

Floor Is Lava on Netflix
Floor Is Lava is the perfect show to hate-watch. Flush with an over-bubbly host, contestants that seem like their acting, and bad puns, you'll want to stop watching but won't be able to. It's like a cringy, nonathletic version of American Ninja Warrior.

FailArmy on YouTube
Image MTV's Ridiculousness without commentary or commercials. That's exactly what FailArmy is. You can laugh without having to deal with Rob Dyrdek and his crew, and new videos are uploaded fairly regularly.

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