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Four autumnal candles to help bring fall into your home

click to enlarge Borealis' Black Plum & Vetiver candle - PHOTO: BOREALIS CANDLE CO.
Photo: Borealis Candle Co.
Borealis' Black Plum & Vetiver candle
As fall approaches, nothing feels better than cuddling with a mug of warm cider and lighting a few seasonal candles. Local business owners have got you covered if you’re looking for scents to ring in the season.

North Ave Candles
Witches’ Brew combines the scents of apple, cranberry, plum, and fig with mulling spices and black amber. The Great Pumpkin inspired by Charlie Brown, Feast of the New Yam, and Horseman’s Cup are also available.

Warm scents balanced with fruit are perfect with fall. Pick up Borealis’ North Woods, Sun-Kissed Black Fig, and Black Plum & Vetiver candles. While available year round, they are especially attuned for the fall season.

837 North
Cinnamon & Bayberry, Cardamom & Sandalwood, and Maple & Chestnut are great scents to make your home feel golden and warm, like you’ve just put on a soft, cotton sweater. Plus, spices like cardamom and cinnamon are commonly used in fall desserts, so your home will smell like a bakery.

Chez Lapin
Chez Lapin’s fall collection includes Sweet Pumpkin, Coffee Bean & Clove, Anjou & Figue, and Red Apple & Tonka, just to name a few. If you want to try something different, go for the Smoked Birch & Leather or Bardstown Bourbon.

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