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For the Love of Spock

Adam Nimoy’s new documentary looks at his father, Leonard Nimoy, and his iconic role as Star Trek’s Spock

Star Trek’s George Takei shows off his Vulcan.
Star Trek’s George Takei shows off his Vulcan.
Sure, Kirk was the captain of the Enterprise, but in many ways Spock was the enduringly iconic member of the original 1960s Star Trek TV series. After all, there are thousands of fight-happy dudes running things on Earth, but how many cerebral half-Vulcans do we encounter?

The new documentary For the Love of Spock examines how Spock came to be, what influence actor Leonard Nimoy had on the character (and vice versa) and what embracing Spock says about us. The film is directed by Adam Nimoy, Leonard’s son, who obviously has great access. Before his death, in 2015, Leonard sat for interviews, and Adam adds a lot of personal insight, including the highs and lows of living with such a well-known father. (For years, the two had a rocky relationship.)

Other colleagues and fans weigh in on Nimoy and Spock, and there is a loose history of the TV show, its film spin-offs and even the ensuing culture of ever-replicating fandom, such as conventions. There are compelling arguments made for Spock’s appeal — how his status as an outsider on the Enterprise endeared him to fans looking for role models beyond the obvious alpha-male archetypes; likewise, Spock’s deliberate nature and his intellect, and how Nimoy’s sly skills made being smart look cool.

Starts Fri., Sept. 9. Hollywood

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