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Five Star Hotel releases solar hexagoness

If you’re not moving, you’re not listening

Five Star Hotel
solar hexagoness

Footwork-techno artist Five Star Hotel makes music that crawls into your muscles, forcing your body to move in strange, compulsory movements. It’s a sound that makes you want to give yourself entirely over to the pulsing beats and electronic sounds that build upon each other before collapsing and shifting into different arrangements. solar hexagoness is Five Star Hotel’s first release since relocating to Pittsburgh from Detroit. 

It’s impossible to sit still while listening to solar hexagoness, whether it’s the manic spasms of opener “i go to hell bitch”; the watery darkness of “hello earth solar”; the eerie thumping of “aphyd portal”; or the strobe-like pulse of “transgenesis.” If you’re not moving, you’re not listening. These four tracks recall the hair-raising energy of the soundtrack (and visuals) of Dario Argento’s classic 1977 Italian horror film, Suspiria.

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