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Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith on his new album, Long Player Late Bloomer, and being the subject of a documentary, Love Shines.


You've achieved mainstream recognition in Canada; why not in America?
I guess I don't really project a big image, the way that some people are able to do. There's so much competition that if you're unable to call attention to yourself, it's a little hard and I haven't really been interested in that stuff.

You're on your 11th album -- how is your music different from when you started?
I don't think I sang very well on my early records and with every album I try to get a little better. 

How was working with legendary producer Bob Rock?
I think he was excited about [the album] because he felt pigeonholed [as] the hard-rock guy, but he can do so much more than that. 

Why Long Player Late Bloomer?
I'm someone who'll buy a record and just listen to that one record for weeks. That was the "long player" part, and "Late Bloomer" was the last song I wrote for the album. "Late Bloomer" was just more about waking up [and] being less naïve. 

How was recording while the documentary cameras were rolling?
You're just trying to sing as well as you can, then all of a sudden you're hoping they're not filming you from a bad angle. You start worrying about things that never would enter your mind. I think I always felt a bit self-conscious about it.


Ron Sexsmith with Caitlin Rose. 7 p.m. Thu., March 24. Club Café, 56-58 S. 12th St., South Side. $12. 412-431-4950 or

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