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Five questions about getting your medical marijuana card, answered by an expert

Medical marijuana is becoming more and more prevalent in the state of Pennsylvania as a way of treating a variety of symptoms. However, with a growing number of people looking to sign up has also come an increase in questions related to the process of obtaining your medical card. Releaf Specialists is here to help. As one of the leaders in Medical Marijuana card certification in Pennsylvania, Releaf Specialists can help answer some of your most frequently asked questions to make the process as smooth and simple as possible.

What’s the first thing I need to do to get my Medical Marijuana Card?

The first step towards obtaining a medical marijuana card in the state of Pennsylvania is seeing if you have a serious medical condition that would qualify you for treatment. There are currently seventeen different conditions listed that would qualify you. You can find the full list of qualifying conditions here.

I have anxiety and that wasn’t covered before. Has that changed?

It has! In 2020, the state of Pennsylvania added anxiety to their list of qualified conditions. Generalized Anxiety Disorder still affects many people throughout the state of Pennsylvania, and that has only increased during the pandemic. But now, you can treat this anxiety through medical marijuana.

Do I need to see a doctor to get diagnosed with Anxiety or PTSD?

Not anymore! One of Releaf Specialists’ signatures is being able to provide a diagnosis of anxiety or PTSD, right from your home. This assessment is completely free to take, and if it comes back positive and you choose to use it as your clinical diagnosis, it is just an extra $75 fee. All you need to do is take this assessment for anxiety or this one for PTSD, and you will have a clinical diagnosis provided to you.

I’m still not sure Medical Marijuana will help me. Why should I choose it over prescription drugs?

Every patient is different, and you need to find what is right for you and your medical needs. However, medical marijuana has been proven to help patients with a wide variety of conditions, in a safe and compassionate way that can reduce many of the long term side effects that can come with other medications. The cannabinoids that are found in THC are similar to chemicals the body naturally produces, and can therefore produce more natural solutions to things like pain, anxiety, appetite, and inflammation.

Why is Releaf Specialists the best option for me to get my card?

At Releaf Specialists, you can trust that everything will be taken care of for you. Whether it be appointments on the benefits of medical marijuana, to assessments for medical conditions, to helping you through every step of the process towards getting your card, Releaf Specialists will make sure that your process towards getting relief is as simple and positive as it can be. Everyone deserves access to their medicine, and Releaf Specialists makes that happen.

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