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Five Minutes With ... Tiffany Sizemore and Jehosha Wright

"When we do things in our court system that effect children for the rest of their lives, no one thinks about the long term consequences, but I was one of those kids who felt like the city was suffocating me and who had to leave and who is happy to be back and serving." — Tiffany Sizemore
For this "Five Minutes With ..." episode, host Natalie Bencivenga interviews Tiffany Sizemore, a candidate for judge in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas, and Jehosha Wright, a candidate for magistrate on the North Side.

In the interview, Bencivenga talks to Sizemore on the report on Pittsburgh being named the most unlivable city for Black Women, both candidates on why they were motivated to run, what they'll bring to their position, and why it's important to show up to vote this primary.

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