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Five Minutes With ... Khamil Scantling and Gene Walker

"Everything that you see happening on the national stage starts in your neighborhood. It starts with a decision by a school board member, a city councilperson, a county councilperson ... It starts there, and it only reaches CNN or MSNBC after so many of these local things have blown up. So local elections are where you're going to feel the impact of those decisions tomorrow. You'll know the school district of your city or county has made a decision because you'll see it immediately."
For this "Five Minutes With ..." episode, host Natalie Bencivenga interviews two Pittsburgh Public School Board candidates: Khamil Scantling of District 7, an activist and founder of Black-owned business directory Cocoapreneur, and Gene Walker of District 9, a 1994 graduate of former Peabody High School and a financial counselor.

In the interview, Bencivenga talks to both candidates on why they were motivated to run for the School Board, what has surprised them about the race so far, what issues they want to tackle if elected, and why it's important for voters to show up this primary election.

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