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First Listen: Swiss Army's new song 'Host'

There are a few keywords in “Host” that, if not listened to closely, can make the track sound Halloween themed — "ghost," "speaking in tongues," "coffin." But the new single from the Pittsburgh-based alt-punk band is about the processes of creating and reinventing, masked under dark lyrics and guitar riffs.

Lead singer Brandon Lehman belts, “Throwing batteries at cars / I only have my shit guitar / inside of me is close to nothing / started over in a coffin,” before making way for the chorus, “Do I hate myself or everybody else / am I proud of what I’ve done or what I will … tell me is it too late to change my ways.”

Personal growth —  the passion, the pain, the mistakes — is a core value for Swiss Army, found throughout songs in the 2018 release, Paris Mountain.

“This beer and the whole day's events capture [the band’s essence] really well I think,” says Lehman, referring to the Dancing Gnome collab, “Host,” and back-to-back release shows on Friday. “It's about the teamwork that goes into creating something new with inspiring people.”

“Host” comes shortly after the release of the single “On Top Of The World,” a track about the ups and downs that come with different levels of success. 

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