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Talk about taking work home with you. A hoary Harrison Ford stars as Jack Stanfield, a financial-security expert who falls victim to the one weakness in his labyrinth of digital protocols and passwords constructed to guard a bank's virtual money: his own vulnerability. This combination technology, hostage and heist thriller kicks into gear when villains (led by Brit Paul Bettany) kidnap Stanfield's family and begin forcing Stanfield to rob his own bank. Virginia Madsen plays Beth Stanfield, initially a strong character, whose intelligence and plot significance decrease as the film unfolds. Although the film's inextricable predicament ranks alongside The Fugitive, Ford never quite ramps up to that fever pitch of entrapped desperation, lessening the payoff of his ingenious breakthrough. When the screws tighten and he freaks out, it just reminds you how good The Fugitive was. Richard Loncraine directs this stress-fest, and does sustain an undercurrent of paranoia and claustrophobia. (AJ) AAb

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