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Find weed-themed art, clothing, jewelry, and more from these Pittsburgh artists

click to enlarge Bob’s Burgers rolling tray by DeMussi Designs - PHOTO: DEMUSSI DESIGNS
Photo: DeMussi Designs
Bob’s Burgers rolling tray by DeMussi Designs
Recreational marijuana isn't legal yet in Pennsylvania, but there’s no law against freely making and buying weed-themed art and apparel. Pittsburgh City Paper found some local artists who integrate marijuana imagery and themes in their work, as well as a smoke shop setting its brand apart with custom-designed merchandise. Check out this list for items to wear, use, or hang in your home, from fun jewelry to BIC lighters with flair.

click to enlarge Earrings by Chronic Chain - PHOTO: CHRONIC CHAIN
Photo: Chronic Chain
Earrings by Chronic Chain
Leaf earrings by Chronic Chain
Local jeweler and artist Maggie Cirillo of Chronic Chain makes a line of earrings — many of which integrate her signature chainmail — featuring lightweight resin weed leaves in a variety of bright colors and styles. Customers can choose from single-leaf weed danglers or three-leaf drop earrings. Complement them with one of Cirillo’s heart-shaped ashtrays that pop with suspended rainbow sprinkles, dried flowers, glitter, and other materials.

click to enlarge Archie lighter by DeMussi Designs - PHOTO: DEMUSSI DESIGNS
Photo: DeMussi Designs
Archie lighter by DeMussi Designs
Lighters and trays by DeMussi Designs
Those who like their smoking accessories with a generous hit of pop culture should check out DeMussi Designs. Proprietor Chelsey DeMussi has a line of custom BIC lighters wrapped in collages of bud-drenched backgrounds with characters from popular animated series, comics, movies, and more. Many of DeMussi’s items are one-of-a-kind, including rolling trays, so make sure to follow along on Instagram for updates on the latest designs. and

click to enlarge TamagotChu - PHOTO: JEROME “CHU” CHARLES
Photo: Jerome “Chu” Charles
Stickers by Jerome “Chu” Charles
Famed local graffiti artist Jerome “Chu” Charles has a few items that combine his tag with cartoony, weed-inspired imagery. Spice up your laptop with stickers of TamagotChu, a play on the 1990s digital pocket pet sensation that shows a tiny character with its own tiny bong.

click to enlarge Nun sweatshirt at Curated Flame, design by Maria Coughanour - PHOTO: CURATED FLAME
Photo: Curated Flame
Nun sweatshirt at Curated Flame, design by Maria Coughanour
Branded merch at Curated Flame
Curated Flame owner Anthony “Mo” Rabinovitz set out to open a shop selling everything a smoker could possibly need, ranging from artful pipes to fun snacks, as well as CBD and Kratom. That effort also extends to making and selling creative, custom branded merchandise featuring special designs.

Since its opening in July 2020, Curated Flame has sold limited-edition sweatshirts and hats featuring a smoking nun — created in partnership with Maria Coughanour of Ethereal Studio — and stickers by Kira Hovanec — most notable for the @celebfoodiesonthebreadcarpet Instagram account where she posts punny drawings combining celebrities and food. An irreverent Bong Dxck Energy/Statue of David sticker, conceived with Curated Flame’s in-house artist Single Spirit, reimagines Michelangelo’s famous sculpture holding a joint, with his private parts replaced by a bong. Rabinovitz has also worked with tattoo artist L. Hammel, aka Math Goth, multimedia artist Darrien Burke, and others.

“I am constantly on the pursuit for artists who I can work with to make weed-themed art,” says Rabinovitz. 505 Grant Ave., Millvale.

click to enlarge “Tri-Terpentops” woodcut by Mad Rabbit Lab - PHOTO: MAD RABBIT LAB
Photo: Mad Rabbit Lab
“Tri-Terpentops” woodcut by Mad Rabbit Lab
Woodcuts by Mad Rabbit Lab
Christian “Rabbit” Miller of Mad Rabbit Lab is an illustrator, painter, muralist, and printmaker. He also uses his talents to turn out painted woodcuts for people looking for playful weed art. His Dinostoner series has depicted dinosaurs taking bong hits or enjoying a joint, with humorous titles like “Tri-Terpentops,” “Dabosaurus,” or “Rolling Raptor.” The holidays look a lot more chill with the Halloween-themed “Frankenbong,” or buds standing in for Christmas trees with colorful festive lights and stars. Rabbit says he takes commissions for anyone interested in owning their very own Dinostoner or holiday piece.

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