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Find a new favorite with our guide to lesser-known horror movies set during Halloween

From animation to indie, here are three films to check out this season.

The Guest
The Guest

Horror fans know they can always rely on the Halloween and Scream franchises for a creepy fix, but there are plenty of other, fairly obscure entries in this genre. Here are just a few.

Gleefully Gory

The Guest (2014)

Dan Stevens effortlessly transitioned from the gentlemanly Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey to playing a seriously jacked, dangerously handsome stranger who charms his way into an unsuspecting family’s home around Halloween. With a sexy soundtrack and callbacks to 1980s films like The Stepfather and, strangely, The Terminator, this overlooked gem is worth checking out. 

Runner-up: Trick 'r Treat (2007)

In this darkly funny anthology, a tiny monster with a sweet tooth connects several Halloween night tales full of vengeful spirits, killer candy, and seductive party girls.

Horror With Heart

Lady in White (1988)

After being locked in a school cloakroom by bullies on Halloween night, a little boy witnesses the ghostly re-enactment of a brutal murder before being attacked by a dark figure — and that’s just the beginning. Set in the 1960s, the movie adds innocence to its genuinely terrifying supernatural mystery by seeing it all through the eyes of a child (played by a young Lukas Haas).

Runner-up: Ginger Snaps (2000) 

Two morbid teen sisters get more than they bargained for in this modern feminist take on the werewolf myth.

Kiddie Creeps

Monster House (2006) 

This computer-animated romp gives off Spielberg vibes — it was executive produced by the director — with a story about three young friends who battle a man-eating house. Kids will love the balance of goofiness and spookiness, but there are plenty of in-jokes for adults as well. 

Runner-up: Garfield’s Halloween Adventure (1985)

Clocking in at under 30 minutes, this bite-sized animated Halloween special comes complete with memorable musical numbers performed by longtime Garfield voice talent, Lorenzo Music, and soul/R&B legend, Lou Rawls.

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