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There are two Fyre Festival documentaries — and you should probably watch them both

The most enthralling part of Fyre Festival has always been the documentation of Fyre Festival.

Support the Girls is a sweet and biting comedy about the service industry

It’s a funny and honest story about a Hooters-adjacent restaurant and the women who keep it afloat, or don’t.

If Beale Street Could Talk is a mesmerizing story about love and injustice

It’s about love, but it's also about how a corrupt justice system eats away at everything it touches.

Steelers WR Antonio Brown is the only known contestant on The Masked Singer

The show will likely continue to be a hit as viewers will not be able to resist the suspense of which celebrities are bored or broke enough to participate.

Elf on the Shelf goes ultra-creepy with short film The Elf in the Room

The holidays are over, but one Pittsburgh filmmaking team is preparing to scare you next Christmas.

Mary Poppins Returns seesaws between magical and dull

Please, just make a new movie.

Movies you may have missed from 2018

Catch up on the indie and streaming movies that may have flown under your radar

Dick Cheney biopic Vice is a tedious and incomplete analysis

It’s a shallow and surface attempt at quirky analysis that not only fails to offer new or nuanced criticism of Cheney, but also serves as a warning sign for future political movies.

What we learned from watching 25 Christmas Movies

As a staff, we’ve collectively learned a lot about the genre of Christmas movies designed to exude as much merriment as possible.

Holiday Movie Advent Day 25: Santa Jaws

Like many cheesy holiday movies, it feels like it was written pun-first, with a plot developed by way of reverse-engineering.

Holiday Movie Advent Day 24: Second Chance Christmas

This is basically Gaslighting: The Movie.

Holiday Movie Advent Day 23: A Christmas in New York

It would be interesting for someone to dissect every scene: the themes, struggles in the relationships, and color represented.

Holiday Movie Advent Day 22: A Christmas Prince 2

It's bad on purpose, whereas the other channels make movies for their audience, who happen to have bad taste.

Holiday Movie Advent Day 21: Holiday Engagement

It has to be one of the only movies where Pittsburgh is referred to as a city of elite opportunity.

Holiday Movie Advent Day 20: No Sleep 'Til Christmas

What better movie for our time than one that fetishizes a good night’s sleep?

Holiday Movie Advent Day 19: Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe

These movies try so hard to be relatable and down-to-earth that they end up being completely alien.

Shoplifters explores the complexities of family and poverty

Would you steal food to feed your family? Would you steal food to feed your fake family?

Holiday Movie Advent Calendar Day 18: Daddy's Home 2

Even though their personalities are so different, they can still all get along (but this doesn’t happen of course.)

Holiday Movie Advent Calendar Day 17: A Twist of Christmas

Oreo has a larger role in this Lifetime movie than Jesus does in most Hallmark holiday specials.

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