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Film Kitchen

The monthly series for independent artists offers a music-themed program

Work by Chris Mason includes an 8-minute preview version of “Guaracha Latin Dance Band,” a documentary about the local musical institution founded by Cuban-born Miguel Sagué Jr. and continued by his son, Miguel Sagué III, showcasing the band’s blend of salsa, jazz and Afro-Cuban traditions. Also featured is “The Mind Cure Records Story,” three shorts by Mikey Seamans and Christopher Smalley about the seminal Pittsburgh-based label, which started in the 1980s focused on hardcore punk (and bands like Half Life and The Battered Citizens) and later released music by Karl Hendricks Trio and Thee Speaking Canaries before being reborn, in 2010, as a Polish Hill record store. (Seamans, who owns the store, is interviewed, along with label founder Mike LaVella.) Film Kitchen is curated by Matthew Day; the Jan. 12 screening also features two of Sean Farris’ music videos for the group Glo Phase.

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