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Film Kitchen

Short films from local and independent artist are the focus of this monthly screening

The monthly series features short work by three local or independent artists. A highlight is Elias Kurlfink's "The Gospel of Ernie," a lively, inventive farce about the fate of a stridently atheist TV talk-show host after God proves his own existence; the skilled cast features top local stage actor Tony Bingham as Ernie. Also, Ohio-based Holly Hey screens "Bread Elegant," a documentary in which a college professor committed to baking and sustainable food systems tells his story and builds an outdoor brick oven. And in Hey's diaristic, 21-minute "The dum dum capital of the world," the filmmaker and her partner discuss their lives in rural Ohio, and a death and a birth, exploring themes of "landscape, home, memory, queerness and time." The hour-long Film Kitchen program, curated by Matthew Day, also includes four short (and mostly silly) music videos by Pittsburgh-based artist Unfinished Symphonies: the comedy rock of "blowjob," the quirk-pop of "Don't Package the Peas," spoken-word experiment "the black lodge," and rock spoof "Catnip for the Ladies" (complete with faux British accent). All three filmmakers will attend for a Q&A session.

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