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Works from tENTATIVELY, A cONVENIENCE and others comprise this month screening program

The monthly series for local and independent artists features work by "sprocket scientist" tENTATIVELY, A cONVENIENCE. The 35-minute program "8 Shorts from 37 Years" includes "Diszey Spots," which combines lore about the frozen head of "Walt Diszey" with manipulated trailers for 1960s Disney movies to explain how the visionary behind Snow White and the Seven Dwarves became the brand name on Monkeys, Go Home. And Tent's sly "Anti-Neoist Rally" documents a counter-protest to a staged rally by mysterious "Neoists." Also programmed by Film Kitchen curator Matthew Day is Courtney Fathom Sell and Billy Feldman's "The Hole," a striking 2010 portrait of a near-rural corner of Queens where black cowboys roam the streets on horseback. Sell, based in New York, also presents "My Dying Day," his moving 2007 portrait of his father, who outlived his prostate-cancer prognosis and ministers to the dying, even while preparing for his own demise. And Garrett Kennell's "Milkman" is a sunnily lit, slickly produced dark comedy about a world-class milkman who accidentally delivers a really bad batch.

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