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For October, the local film screening series runs mostly Halloween-themed shorts

click to enlarge Dominic Rodriguez's "Fursonas" at Film Kitchen
Dominic Rodriguez's "Fursonas" at Film Kitchen

The series for local and independent artists hosts an evening of mostly Halloween-themed shorts. Highlights include "Fursonas," Dominic Rodriguez's empathetic — in fact, rather cuddly — documentary about furries. A couple dogs, a couple foxes, a raccoon: The humans inside the costumes tell why they love being animal characters and convening at events like the annual Pittsburgh-hosted Anthrocon. "I like to think like I'm a dog and look at the world with canine-type of eyes," says "Boomer." Rodriguez also offers three quirkily unsettling short promos for We Are Monsters, each introducing a main character from this planned feature-length horror film. Rodriguez's work is presented by producer Olivia Vaughn, who also presents John Skip Volscko's "Blue in Green," a deliberately paced but well-acted slice-of-life about a young couple on a road trip. Film Kitchen, curated by Matthew Day, also premieres an episode from season 2 of "The Weakness," a contemporary-set, indie-style cable series (shot in black and white) about vampires. Creator and star Lauren Zito presents the episode; the show airs locally on PCTV. And the Oct. 14 program includes Matthew Veltri's comic short "How to Interview a Vampire."

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