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Film Kitchen

The series for local and independent filmmakers includes work by three artists.

Films by Ivette Spradlin at Film Kitchen.
Films by Ivette Spradlin at Film Kitchen.

Ivette Spradlin screens five of her inventive shorts, including "A Lesson in Movement" — a delightful kinesthetic montage made from vintage gymnastics, X-ray and animated anatomical footage — and "Silience," which combines puppetry and stop-action animation with live circus-style performers like a juggler and a contortionist. The program also features two installments of Chris Lee and Tom Williams' new Pittsburgh-set web sitcom Internet Famous. The episodes (of 11 and 14 minutes, respectively) revolve around angsty Andrew (played by Trent Wolfred), his sex-pig roomie Dave (Matthew Robison) and their pals. (Think a dirtier Friends and you're in the ballpark.) Also screening is Jonathan Gribbin's "Exposures," an eerie, dialogueless 12-minute psychodrama about a troubled photographer that takes place almost entirely inside a single dimly lit flat, at night. "Exposures" recently won the award for best editing at the 2014 Macon Film Festival, in Macon, Ga.

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