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Shorts by Chris Smalley highlight this round of local film and video

Chris Smalley's "Apocalyptic Isolation" at Film Kitchen
Chris Smalley's "Apocalyptic Isolation" at Film Kitchen

This month's installment of the series for local and independent film and video features recent work by four local artists. Highlights include four shorts by Chris Smalley. "Apocalyptic Isolation" is Smalley's dark comedy blending romance, time travel and the end of the world; it begins when a young man, out walking with his girlfriend, is romantically upstaged by a version of himself visiting from the near future. The 15-minute work is both clever and unexpectedly poignant. Smalley also presents "A Weird One" — a collage-like comic narrative weaving together several urban shaggy-dog stories ("Hey, man, wanna check out the demon portal in my basement?") — and two shorter experimental works. Film Kitchen curator Matthew Day also screens John R. Jaquish's "Day of the Heist" (18 min.), a bank-robbery drama shot in Brownsville on black-and-white 35 mm film (a high-end medium seldom used by independent filmmakers). The Sept. 10 program also features short films by Nathan Cobbett and Sean Ferris.

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