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A film about homeland and identity is among the selections of short works at the monthly series

click to enlarge Fabienne Kanor's "des pied, mon pied"
Fabienne Kanor's "des pied, mon pied"

"Could you tell my story by looking at my feet?" asks Fabienne Kanor in her film "des pieds, mon pied."

Kanor, based in France and temporarily living here as a writer in residence at City of Asylum/Pittsburgh, is a novelist as well as a filmmaker, and "des pieds" is an absorbing if discursive 25-minute personal essay that calls to mind the work of Chris Marker. Kanor draws together psychoanalysis, slavery and foot-based wellness therapies ... and that's just in the first 10 minutes.

With handsome compositions and clever, foot-level tracking shots, Kanor works her way to a brief portrait of her father, a Martinican immigrant, and explores why she feels unrooted in her nominal homeland, France.

"Des pieds" highlights the Jan. 10 installment of the Film Kitchen series. Also showing are works directed by and featuring Rachael Deacon. Deacon's artfully macabre sensibility informs her shorts "Monsters Inside" and "A Fever and a River," both set to subtly unsettling music by The Beasting. On the lighter side is "Slayer Mailbox," a comic romance starring Deacon and directed by Andrew Shearer. 

8 p.m. Tue., Jan. 10. Melwood Screening Room, 477 Melwood Ave., North Oakland. $6. 412-681-9500

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