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Film Kitchen unspools on Oct. 11

The monthly series for local and independent artists screens recent short work by three filmmakers


Highlights include “Underdog: The Devin Tate Story,” Barry Rothbart’s amusing parody of heartwarming sports documentaries. Premise: A 9-year-old who happens to have the body of bearded, 32-year-old couch potato is determined to make the 10- to 11-year-olds’ basketball squad. Also featured are shorts by Marcus Morelli, including the cute Star Wars riff “The Christmas Awakens” and “A Fortnight in Europe,” a visually appealing travelogue with Morelli himself and two friends. Film Kitchen, curated by Matthew R. Day, also showcases parts one and two of “The Porcelain Vessel,” shorts by recent Carnegie Mellon University grad Christin Bongiorni. In part one, a young woman’s stylized tweezing of her pubic hair seems to comment on body image and grooming culture. In part two, a quirkily costumed young woman silently runs through a series of emotions, intercut with a surreal animated image that grows each time it is glimpsed.

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