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Film Kitchen screens new work on Tue., Dec. 12

Series features shorts by Holly Hey, Ivette Spradlin and Adrienne Wagner


FILM KITCHEN. The monthly series for local and independent artists spotlights new shorts, most of them documentaries, by Holly Hey, Ivette Spradlin and Adrienne Wagner. Series curator Matthew R. Day’s featured work is Hey’s “Crossing Water,” a close look at one volunteer group’s efforts to deal with the water crisis in Flint, Mich. The 25-minute film follows volunteers including group co-founder Michael Hood as they help residents install filters, deliver bottled water and, really, reweave a broken community’s sense of itself. The frustration is evident in an interview with one highly engaged (and aggrieved) resident — a woman raising her grandchild — and in Hood’s voice when he says, “It seems like most of the common-sense approaches here have been cast aside.” Films by Spradlin include a teaser for “Nothing Is All That I Yearn For,” an in-progress portrait of Derr Robinson Steadman, an eccentric Vietnam veteran and drawer of surreal, darkly humorous comics, and the inventive “Derr Recreations,” in which deadpan performers re-enact his drawings. (Sample: “The choices are help me or eat me.” “How about if I asked for someone to help me eat me?”) The Dec. 12 Film Kitchen also features shorts by Adrienne Wagner including “My Grandpa’s Garage,” a portrait of her beloved grandfather, a World War II veteran, schoolteacher and inveterate tinkerer and stuff-collector; and “Super 8 Graveyard,” a dialogueless montage of home movies and additional footage that packs an unexpected punch. 

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