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Fighting for a Spoil

Write-in no shoo-in, Nader campaigns here

Ralph Nader is off the ballot in Pennsylvania but not off the stump.


Kept from Commonwealth presidential polls by a rule against independents who accept a party nomination elsewhere (Nader is the Reform Party candidate in Michigan), Nader is now planning a Sept. 11 evening rally at 7:30 p.m. to be held at the First Unitarian Church at 605 Morewood Street, Oakland. Jason Kafouri, a national field coordinator for Nader, hopes the "ludicrous" ballot ruling will be appealed and reversed by then. Otherwise, those who want to write-in the one-time consumer advocate must actually scribble the obscure names of Nader's 21 Electoral College delegates -- a feat even less likely than a Nader win.


[Editor's note: the location of Nader's appearence was changed after the print edition of the paper went to press. The information presented here is updated and correct.]

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