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Fast Eddie's mixtape, Chairman of Da Hood Vol. 1

Fast Eddie
Chairman of Da Hood Vol. 1

Just how much can you jam onto one CD? On the Chairman of Da Hood Vol. 1 mixtape, local DJ and producer Fast Eddie wedges 32 tracks onto one lone CD-R. In the process, he also brings together emcees from all over the city, freestyles, exclusives, and original production from Sayez, Lil Bruce, Poobs and, of course, himself.

Fast Eddie's production goes from melty-smooth (Skeem's "Get High") to gritty street beats (Malaciah's "Another Day"). Standout tracks on the mixtape include Tha Hustla's "Everywhere I Go," produced by Joshington, and The Govament's "Go Steelers," a chronicle of drug deals and violence in "the Ill City, the Steel City" that would sound killer echoing over the Heinz Field PA system. There's also an intense put-down from Wiz Khalifa, "Spit Game," which shows a darker side of the Prince than you get on Show and Prove.

The disc includes a long list of freestyles of varying power from emcees Charlie Brown, Pachino, Reem, B.O. Kabbage, Mario and Clyde D.; Chief's hilarious freestyle all but gets you buzzed just listening to it. In any case, this mixtape delivers a maximum dosage of raw Pittsburgh hip hop from emcees from all over the city -- a lot of bang for your buck, available at Timebomb and Upbeat Records.

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