FAILURE TO LAUNCH | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper
Frustrated parents (Kathy Baker and Terry Bradshaw) hire Paula (Sarah Jessica Parker), a professional dater, to help shift their charming but feckless thirty-something son, Tripp (Matthew McConaughey), out of their house. The first half of Tom Dey's romantic comedy has its wry charms, riffing on the reality of some of today's coddled youth who are more concerned with high scores on video games than climbing the corporate ladder. But the plot takes a turn for the ridiculous, injecting both an out-of-left-field "explanation" for Tripp's failure to launch and an only-in-the-movies silly solution. McConaughey is good-natured and likeable here (and a looker like him could surely loaf for years on the kindness of others), and Parker is less strident than usual. Zoey Descahnel as the supporting wacky best friend gets the most laughs. Steeler fans take note: Failure offers a tender side of Bradshaw you've surely not seen before. (AH)

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