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Extra Ordinary, The Booksellers, and more movies to watch through your favorite theater while quarantined

Watching movies at home just isn't the same as being able to see it in a theater. You might miss sharing a movie in the dark with strangers, or buying expensive popcorn that is always worth it. But movie theaters, like most businesses, will struggle with closures, especially as so many movie releases have been pushed back indefinitely. But you can still support your favorite theaters by buying virtual tickets and streaming movies from home that would otherwise be playing on the big screen right now.

This is only a handful of the movies available to stream from home, so check out your favorite movie theater's website to see their full offerings.
click to enlarge PHOTO: CRANKED UP FILMS
Photo: Cranked Up Films
Extra Ordinary
In this horror-comedy set in rural Ireland, a sweet and goofy driving instructor named Rose (Maeve Higgins) consistently turns down requests from her neighbors to use her paranormal abilities. But in order to help save a teenage girl who is cursed by a former rockstar (Will Forte), she has to overcome her fear of using her powers while maybe falling in love with the girl's father. Available to stream now from the Harris Theater and the Parkway Theater.
Photo: CatVideoFest
CatVideoFest: Creature Comforts Edition
The annual CatVideoFest came through town in February (so, a lifetime ago). But if you need another feline fix, you can catch a 40-minute highlight reel of the best cat clips from the festival's history, from the comfort of your own home. Available to stream through the Harris Theater and The Rangos Giant Cinema.
click to enlarge PHOTO: FILMRISE
Photo: FilmRise
Kathy (Hong Chau) takes her son to upstate New York to clean out the house of her reclusive and recently deceased sister. She has to reckon with how much she didn't know about her sister, and what to do with all the stuff she hoarded inside the house. Meanwhile, her timid son forges a friendship with the widowed Korean war veteran next door. Available to stream from Row House Cinema beginning Fri., April 17.
Zachary Martin/Greenwich Entertainment
The Booksellers
Book stores, as you may know, have had a rough couple of decades. In New York City alone, there used to be over 300 bookstores, and now there's less than a third of that. The Booksellers is a documentary that takes a look at famed New York book houses, like The Strand, the careers of rare book dealers, and the up-and-coming generation of booksellers incorporating modernity into their business. Available to stream from the Tull Family Theater beginning Fri., April 17.

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