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Everything Is Terrible! brings the twisted holiday-video fun

Cats meowing "White Christmas" is intercut with footage of Jesus writhing in agony

For those already burnt out on the holidays, recommending that you deeply immerse yourself in a dense hour of compiled holiday film and video clips seems counterintuitive. But holiday-haters, war-on-Christmas soldiers and those who simply cannot stomach another sappy Lifetime movie about finding love under the mistletoe (see related analysis on page XX) should head for Everything Is Terrible!'s seasonal video meltdown/blow-out titled "Holiday Special 2012 Cataclysmic Transformation."

The collective of found-footage warriors known as Everything Is Terrible! has assembled an hour-long reel of funny, demented, super-cheesy and offensive seasonal material that will have you gasping in horror (prepare for un-ironic Christmas sweaters) and choking with laughter. Material is gleaned from movies, commercials, TV shows and the backwaters of cable and public-access programming.

Things get off to a lively start when footage of a peacefully flickering Yule log cuts to a scene of Santa killing a dog. Then, it's an onslaught of marauding Santas; terribly sung Christmas carols (including one by a donut); a pizza-footage interlude; a holiday death reel; Christmas trees on fire; Hanukkah hijinks; cats meowing "White Christmas" intercut with footage of Jesus writhing in agony; and Grizzly Adams saying "I want to know the connection between the elves and the Nazis." It's all blissfully unsentimental — if you're crying, it's from laughing too hard.

EIT! also promises to decorate the theater, lead sing-alongs, and provide candy and a Santa.

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