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Endless Love

Young love: Why won't parents understand?


Swallow the film's opening scene, and I guess the rest of this romantic piffle will also make sense. The drop-dead-gorgeous, smart and well-to-do Jade (Gabriella Wilde) graduates from high school having made no friends, but on graduation day meets David (Alex Pettyfer), the dreamy son of a mechanic. They fall in love big-time (on only their second encounter, they're performing a coordinated dance!), but guess who isn't happy about it? Jade's control-freak of a dad (Bruce Greenwood). But the kids don't care — they just keep on lovin' and running out the summer like the world's greatest Abercrombie & Fitch commercial.

Some old heads may recognize Shana Feste's film as a remake of the 1981 melodrama, but really it's just another version of the Teens + Love + Parents = Conflict tale that crawled out of the primordial mud with the very first teenagers. For David and Jade, there are the expected complications, including an ill-advised trip to the zoo. But, spoiler alert: This love is endless.

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