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In Greg Coolidge's witless workplace comedy set in a Costco-like superstore, shiftless slacker Zack (Dane Cook) is spurred by the arrival of a buxom new cashier, Amy (Jessica Simpson), to achieve employee-of-the-month status. Zack's chances looks slim against Vince (Dax Shepherd), the smarmy perennial winner. But an underdog comedy this lame is sure to deliver the expected conclusion. Except for one throwaway gag with roots in Glengarry Glen Ross, I never laughed. Mostly I stared at Simpson's ample in-our-faces bosom, and pondered how it seemed so alive when the rest of her was utterly wooden. Cook and Shepherd show up and punch the clock, but there's nothing here to work with.

Rating: 1.5 projectors

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