EMMANUEL'S GIFT | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper
Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, born poor and disabled in Ghana, grows up undaunted by his limitations (he's missing a leg). In a culture that abandons the physically handicapped to the street, Emmanuel proves the collective worth of the disabled by riding a donated bicycle across his country. This feat inspires him to organize international organizations to help his disabled countrymen achieve not only basic recognition of their humanity, but also acquire goods and services to improve their lives. Lisa Lax and Nancy Stern's documentary presents Emmanuel's journey in a straightforward manner, while continually underlining his achievements. While Oprah Winfrey provides some narration, Emmanuel's gentle, halting words are more powerful still. If Emmanuel ever gets depressed or frustrated, the filmmakers never show it, yet there's no denying that Emmanuel is an extraordinary young man, and his is a truly inspirational story. In English, and other languages, with subtitles. Penn Hills (AH)

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