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Elstree 1976

In this new doc, hear from 10 bit players and extras about making Star Wars

Jon Spira’s documentary catches up with 10 extras and bit players who worked on George Lucas’ Star Wars. (The film takes its title from the studio outside London where much of the film was shot, and the year of its production.) These nine men and one woman portrayed stormtroopers, pilots, cantina patrons and various assorted background people and creatures. Speaking today in talking-head interviews, interspersed with some archival footage and photographs, they recount: the random ways they were hired; the on-set fun; the surprise of what a massive hit Star Wars was; and the long-term effects of having been a tiny part of a film whose popularity continues to this day. It’s all fodder for Star Wars completists, though the material — most of it only mildly interesting— is stretched too thin.

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